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No Up-Front Fees

No up-front fees so there is zero risk to get started.

Only Pay For Results

You only pay when our marketing makes your phone ring.

Real-Time Leads

Our leads are people needing your contracting services, right now

No Lead Sharing

Customers are not shared with your competitors. Only you get the call!

Why Wait? Start Getting Calls Within 72 Hours!

If you can take on some more contracting jobs, to increase your income and expand your business, you have come to the right place. We can have customers calling you within 72 hours, ready to set an appointment!

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A Marketing Agency Like No Other

We are a Publishing & Media Distribution firm. We specialize in providing highly targeted, optimized campaigns for our clients.


Paint By Numbers Simple Campaign

You do what you do best, which is taking care of the homeowners repair or replacement needs. Let us handle sending you qualified customer calls.

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No Up-Front Fees

No Up_Front Fees, Only Pay For Results

No longer do you have to pay in advance and not know if your campaign will work or not. There are no up-front fee so there is zero risk to get started. Our program is results driven. You only pay when our activity makes your phone rign with qualified potential customers.


No Lead Sharing

Real Time Leads With No Lead Sharing

The live qualified customer leads we provide are exclusive to you at the moment the customer calls. These leads will at no time be shared with your competitors, forcing you to get into a pricing war.


72 Hour Guarantee

We guarantee you will see results!

72 hours after your campaign begins, you will start to receive calls from genuine, qualified people that need work done on their homes or businesses.


Qualifed Customers For Your Business

Marketing is only affective if, it generates calls from interested people that have a need for you to come and fix whatever repair or replacement issue they are having. You only pay for genuine, qualified sales leads that ring to your phone!

What Are You Waiting For? Start Today!

Let us worry about bringing you new repair and replacement jobs, all you do is answer the phone and set your appointments according to your schedule.

No Up-Front Fees

No Lead Sharing

Risk Free Marketing

Real Time Leads

Pay Only 4 Results

No Contracts

Easy & Simple - No Risk Marketing!

Put our team to work for you today, we promise you will not regret it!

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Real Contractors. Real Results

As you know we are looking for a contractors that we can send real-time phone calls from potential customers. These customers are looking to have work performed right now. Are you able to handle potential customers, calling you directly in real time, looking for work to be performed, either the same day or within the next couple of days? If yes, fill out the form below.

If you are tired of fighting with 4-5 of your competitors, for a job that may never have been a job to begin with, then fill out the form below for direct real-time one-on-one calls between you and the potential customer.

We are not the same or affiliated with Home Advisor or some service like that. All the calls we send you are exclusive and not shared with others, so you don’t have to worry about some kind of bidding war or people not expecting to hear from you, because they will be calling you directly.

Listed below are some actual per month call volume marketing campaigns that I’m currently running for our contractors. The graphs represent direct/exclusive calls from potential customers to contractors in the trades being shown.

How many additional job’s can you handle per month?

How many additional job’s could you close if I were to send you 300 direct calls from potential customers looking for your services?

If you would like to see how these additional calls/jobs could affect your business/income, then scroll down to the R.O.I calculator below the graphs and input your own numbers to see if my marketing plan makes sense for you.

HVAC Results

Electrician Results

Handyman Results

Plumber Results

Remodeling Results

Roofer Results

30-40% of the exclusive calls they get.

The average contractor will book jobs for about