SEO Deliverables (Pricing)

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Feature & Benefit Explanations:

Targeted Locations We will target the neighborhood/town locations that you do service work in. The amount of neighborhood/town locations will be determined by your package level. <back to top> We will target the neighborhood/town locations that you do service work in. The amount of neighborhood/town locations will be determined by your package level. <back to top> Targeted Keywords

We will target the keywords that customer will use to find your business that represent the services you offer. The amount of keywords will be determined by your package level. <back to top>

Complete Website and Google Business Profile Audit

This audit will tell us exactly why you are not already ranking in Google and Google Maps. It will also give us a roadmap on exactly what we need to do first.


Value: $199 Per Audit

See example audit:

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Rank Videos On Google and Youtube

Video also helps other metrics that we know Google takes into consideration for ranking. Two of the most important metrics for SEO are the time users spend on your page or site and the number of backlinks referring back to your domain, and video almost always improves both of these figures.


Value: $299 Per Video Created and Ranked plus $50 per month to keep it ranked.

See example:

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Location Landing Pages Ranked Linked To Your Website

We will create expertly coded landing pages that bully their way to the front page of Google. Each page will have images, video and a 2,000+ word plus original article on a topic relevant to the work you do and the areas you do work in. <back to top>


Value: $199 Per Landing Page Created and Ranked plus $50 per month to keep it ranked.

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Keyword Tagged Image Optimization

Image optimization can improve your SEO. When you tag your images with descriptive keywords, it helps Google and other search engines understand what the image is about. This can help your content rank slightly higher and enable your images to appear in image search results.


Value: $Included with every landing page created and ranked.

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One-Time Google Stack Creation and Optimization

Build a solid foundation of backlinks for SEO while, creating authority properties from Google that help your websites, blogs and videos climb the search rankings.


What you get per keyword and location:


  • Increase ranking for that keyword and location
  • Permanent links from high authority “Google owned” websites (incl’ G-Site, Google My Map, Spreadsheet, Presentation Slides,
  • Calendar, PDF, Blogspot, Slideshare and more)
  • Help to boost your site & Google Business Profile rankings very fast
  • It is 100% white hat so you don’t have to worry about any penalties


Value: $150 per month / per keyword and location targeted

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Our Secret Ranking Strategy Applied

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to keep quite about some of our strategies. However, just know that once all cylinders are firing, we achieve the results as shown in the video below this 100% of the time!


<video embed>


Value: $priceless

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Call Tracking and Analytics

During your daily campaign we are creating 50 or more links (per day), these links will point to your main website which will help it rise in the Google ranks. This is made possible because of the associated keyword and geographical relevance of the various assets linking to the main website.


Value: $120/ per 100 links

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Your Website Ranked

During your daily campaign we are creating 50 or more links (per day), these links will point to your main website which will help it rise in the Google ranks. This is made possible because of the associated keyword and geographical relevance of the various assets linking to the main website.


Value: $120/ per 100 links

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Google Business Profile Optimization
  • Optimize your business listing for Local SEO.
  • Add services, products and other relevant options.
  • Include Geography Optimization Tags in images.
  • Add local business Schema.
  • Add Near Me optimization.
  • Connect social profiles for social relevance


Value: $50 (one-time)

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Fix Issue In Website and Google Business Profile Optimization
  1. Increase Directory Visibility: Building your brand and getting more customers requires your business to be listed on all the major directories and your information needs to be 100% accurate.
  2. Increase Review Count Per Major Directory: Not having any reviews or positive reputation associated with your listing will negatively impact your reputation grade.
  3. Remove Negative Reviews: Nobody likes to know they have a negative review, but the most important thing is to remove these negative reviews as quickly as possible and replace them with 5 star reviews.
  4. Increase Review Frequency As Needed: Studies show that consumers want to see recent reviews within the last 6 months and any reviews older than 6 months aren’t as relevant. Idealistically, we should be publishing at least 2-3 reviews per week.
  5. Fix Brand Consistency: To stand out in the marketplace, you need to make sure of your brand’s presence, consistency, & engagement across all the social media networks is consistent. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube are priority.
  6. Fix Social Media Engagement: Increase followers, posts likes and shares.
  7. Add Retargeting Pixels for Facebook, Google Analytics and other Media: Retargeting drastically improves conversion rates for website visitors by following your audience all around the web.
  8. Increase Video Visibility: Over 90% of consumers watched video last week and 70% say that videos help them to make a decision. That means when new customers are using a search engine, your website, or YouTube, they need to see video about your company.
  9. Website Audit Fix: Is your website slowing you down? See what can be done to improve your speed, discoverability and visibility.
  • Desktop and Mobile load time
  • Page Keyword Density Error
  • Keyword In URL
  • Keyword In Your Page Title
  • Keyword In Your Page Meta Description
  • Keyword To H1 Tag
  • Keyword Usage In The Alt Text Of Your Images
  • Keyword In The First 100 Words Of Your Content
  • Add Your Keyword To H2 And H3 Tags
  • Add (Name. Address and Phone Number) Structured Data Markup Tags
  • Page Content Readability
  • Page Meta Title Length
  • Page Meta Description Length
  • Phone Number In A Click To Call Format
  • Website Sitemap


Value: Up To $500-$1500 (depending on the amount of pages that need to be fixed)

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Dedicated Account Representative

You will be assigned a dedicated account representative, that you can speak with through online chat Monday through Friday 8 hours a day (Full-Time) to ask questions about your rankings in real-time and get real-time reports of your campaign progress.


Value: $1000/m

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Local Citation Setup

How it works:

  • Create a master list based on the business category first.
  • Research before submitting any listing to avoid duplicates
  • Put the business data 100% consistent with google. You know consistency is most important for Local SEO.
  • Submit business on Niche/specific Citations first because these are most important citations for Local Business.
    See example:



  • Will increase local rank
  • Helps to get local customers
  • Increases web traffic
  • Builds trust with Google and Customers
  • 100% manual and Google Friendly Service.


Value: $150-$350 (depending on the amount and which citations are created)

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Monthly EXIF Geotagged Image Optimization

EXIF stands for Exchangeable image file format. EXIF (and/or IPTC data) is a file structure format used by digital cameras to store various information in pictures or images. Think of this data as a picture’s fingerprint for .JPG files.


Geotagging can help local websites and businesses rank higher in search engines. Geotagging isn’t a new concept. It’s been in use for website building for more than a decade. Its significance, however, is expanding, and it is quickly becoming a required component of local SEO.


EXIF data helps Google to understand your pictures. Google is emphasizing development of image searches for one specific reason: they hope to improve their Artificial Intelligence and they need SEO experts help to do so.


Along with alternative texts and filenames, EXIF and IPTC Meta Data can help Google to understand your pictures so we don’t neglect them, and your reward will be higher rankings.


Value: $2 (per image – at least 20 images optimized per day during an average campaign)

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Monthly Google Stack Creation and Optimization Build a solid foundation of backlinks for SEO:
Create authority properties from Google that help your websites, blogs and videos climb the search rankings.


What you get per keyword and location:

  • Increase ranking for that keyword and location
  • Permanent links from high authority “Google owned” websites (incl’ G-Site, Google My Map, Spreadsheet, Presentation Slides, Calendar, PDF, Blogspot, Slideshare and more)
  • Help to boost your site & Google Business Profile rankings very fast
  • It is 100% white hat so you don’t have to worry about any penalties


Value: $97 (per keyword target)

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Daily Google Business Profile Posts

Structure the Google Business Posts article by getting a detailed list of relevant keywords and geographical location. Our unique Content Editor will provides us with relevant keywords and a real-time measure of optimization. Using this real-time measure, we know exactly how long the article needs to be, what keyword to use, how many header etc. Having advanced access to this data allow us to out rank our competitors.


See example:


Value: $97 (per keyword target)

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Daily Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and LinkedIn Posts

Create graphical images our of your reviews and post them across Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram and LinkedIn


See example:


Value: $200/m (this covers all of your reviews for a single Google Business Profile location)

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Daily Local Relevance Network Posts Through Press Release Creation and Syndication

As a local business, your presence within local news publishers plays a significant role along with the elements discussed above in improving your local search results. Local news posting is a strategy to carefully select local news websites relevant to your brand, pitch them your unique stories, and get featured in front of a broad audience.


This local SEO strategy can turn out effective if you manage to craft valuable local content for the audience. This local content can range from covering local stories and events to any major activities within your neighborhood.


Valuable and useful content for the users helps you build authority and sends a positive signal to the search engine.


Leveraging the Power of Google News Approved Sites

Instead of reaching out to any local news outlet and getting your story published, an effective way to make the most out of this local SEO strategy is to get your articles published on authority sites-news sites that appear on Google News.


Google News is usually the preferred mode for most smartphone users to consume news every day. It is a news aggregator that searches through thousands of news sources and organizes the news into different categories, including local news. Estimates suggest that there are around 280 million Google News users, thanks to the popularity of Android phones.


Getting your story published on Google News Approved sites leads to several benefits.


Some of these include:


Citation from a News Source with High Domain Authority:


When Google News approved sites accept and publish your story, you receive a citation from a source that Google already considers authoritative. These citations from local news sites with high domain authority eventually improve the rankings of your own digital assets.


Backlinks for Your Brand:

Links pointing to your website or local listing from these news sites improve search rankings for your business further, diverting more relevant traffic and potential customers.


Fast Search Engine Indexing:


Google’s search engine continuously indexes new pages on the web. However, a new website or a web page with no previous online history may take a while to get indexed, and later, ranked in the search results. However, the indexing frequency is much faster on websites that regularly publish new pages. Featuring your content on these sites with a link pointing to your website expedites the indexing process.


Instant Exposure to Wide Audience:


You’re probably the best in your business, offering high-quality products and services to your customers. However, you need to get the word out to people who are perhaps unaware of your offerings. Google News approved sites make this task easier for you by providing a platform to reach out to potential audiences that may prefer visiting your store and buying your products/services.


Growth in Organic Traffic:


Google News approved sites already serve a wide audience. Reaching out to these users organically through your own digital assets is a time-consuming process. However, your brand visibility increases instantly with your story published on these news sites, directing more traffic to your website or encouraging interested people to locate your business through your online listing.


Value: 1 Article Created Per Day / 1 Google News Article Posted Per Day $199 / month ($6.63 per post)

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Daily Social Signal Campaign for Press Releases, Posts and Videos

As a member of the Natural Behavioral Pattern Community Network, you will have campaigns that will find the social links inside of Press Releases and generate social signals.


Social signals are the human interaction and engagement with social media posts.


  • Facebook likes, comments, and shares.
  • Twitter likes, retweets, quotes, and conversations.
  • Pinterest pins, views, and comments.
  • LinkedIn connections, links, and references.
  • Instagram followers, comments, and regrams.
  • YouTube views, thumbs up, and comments.


The more likes, shares, views, and clicks a social post has – the more visible it is and the higher it ranks in your social media feed.


Search engines monitor social signals as an indicator of sources of high-quality, valuable, and useful content.


And the more social signals, engagement, and visibility your social posts have – this tells Google you’re sharing content that meets search intent, is relevant and authoritative, is of high quality and fresh, and the social shares generate more backlinks to your content.


Search signals tell search engines which content is relevant, popular, and trusted – and this can increase the organic search ranking (SEO) for the content and page.


Value: $299 / month (we do this for every keyword we are targeting in your package)

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Natural Behavioral Pattern Community Network Membership

The Big Search Engine began collecting user behavior data in 2006 and has developed an algorithm to determine which sites belong at the top of their search listings. IT STOPPED MEASURING the hard work you put into your site and the ‘real depth of your expertise’ as you created what you thought was meaningful and powerful practices to help people with your service.


INSTEAD The Big Search Engine now measures user signals to evaluate the relevance of content.


Fact: They still use old SEO metrics such as linking and proper on page optimization to “temporarily” place sites at the top of their listings as a split test but if the user signals do not beat out the past placements then they lose the split test and will fall from the top very quickly.


Within our Natural Behavioral Pattern Community network membership there will be REAL searches performed on mobile devices which serves the purpose of creating the user signals necessary for you to place above your competitors and keep you there. These user signals are done either in the local areas where the business provides service or regionally, to increase coverage proximity faster. All signals come from identified “trusted” sources combined with completely natural user activity.


Value: priceless

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Local Geographical Targeted Network (connects to other local industry related networks)

These user signals are done either in the local areas where the business provides service. All signals come from identified “trusted” sources combined with completely natural user activity. These signals include:


  • Searches on Mobile devices (max: 3 mile radius)
  • Proximity Searches (Distance of searchers to location of the business)
  • Searches from multiple platforms
  • Navigational Searches (Searches for deep content)
  • Brand Searches (Searches for the Brand Name) Notice most searches now return big brands due to this factor. Unfair to the little guys! (but our system solves this)
  • Combined Keyword & Brand Searches
  • Revised Searches prior to Click Through (Revised searches adding brand)
  • Other secret signals (there are other signals that are required, but we cannot make those public)


Value: $899/m (per Google Business Profile location)

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Reputation Management, Reputation Building and Reputation Marketing

Issue: Company Is Not Listed In The Correct Directory Sites


Thousands of customers everyday search on local business directories like Google+, Yelp, Yahoo Local, and dozens of other sites to find the most reputable company to do business with. After extensive research we found that your company could not be found or is not properly set up on some of the most vital directories for your business.


87% of customers that are referred to you, go online to find your company information and majority of them are looking for reviews about your company.


Solution: Research, Set Up, and Claim Local Directories


Proper Industry Directory Research

  • Develop detailed research on local directories based on industry keyword research
  • Research top competitive companies to find directories they are listed on


Proper Set Up And Claiming Of Your Business Listing

  • Create accounts on the best industry specific directories
  • Proper set up of your company information and categories on each site
  • Claiming of your listings in order to control them and respond to reviews

Issue: No Reputation Monitoring System


Unlike the 100’s of different software that can monitor your social engagement, brand and company name, these technologies like Google Alerts cannot monitor your reputation. When people leave reviews on a directory site like yelp, they never mention your name because they’re already on your business listing. Therefore, with dozens of review sites that are out there, there is no way for even the most sophisticated social or branding software to know if bad reviews are being posted and no way to follow up to get the bad reviews eliminated.


Solution: Create a monitoring process with our team that monitors, tracks, and reviews your listings on a daily basis


  1. Create a monitoring process that daily monitors, tracks, and reviews your online review sites
  2. Utilize our team and processes to notify you when bad reviews are posted
  3. Manually setup a protocol to review all your sites and notify your company of bad reviews
  4. Develop a positive alert protocol so your team is notified about 5-star reviews so that they can follow up with the reviewer for a possible referral.


Issue: Multiple Bad Reviews, Poor Ratings, And No Reviews Found


We’ve found bad reviews and poor ratings about your company on local business directories. Each poor review not only is publicly read by your potential customers, but it also brings down your reputation score on local directory sites. We also found local directories where you have no reviews at all. Many local directories such as City Search and Insider Pages aggregate reviews from other sites. Therefore both good and bad reviews can spread to other sites very quickly.


Solution: Average Up Your Reviews and Bury Your Bad Reviews


  1. Post more 5 Star Reviews to bring your reputation score up
  2. Post more 5 Star Reviews to push the bad reviews off the first page of your listing


Issue: Not Enough Reviews To Be Trusted


Consumers will read an average of 10 reviews before making a decision and research shows that customers do not trust a company that has less than 10 five star reviews. Therefore your company needs a strategy to quickly get more online reviews to show up on your directory listings.


Solution: Create A Print And Mobile Review Strategy


  1. Create professionally designed media center with print media collect customer reviews
  2. Create a professionally written email campaign to collect customer reviews
  3. Design a customized mobile app for customers to leave feedback on a tablet


Issue: No Effective Online Feedback System For Surveying & Collecting Reviews


Employees and staff are motivated when they are praised and get feedback on the great job that they are doing. It’s also critical for you and your team managers to understand your customers experience and where your employees are falling short and need to improve.


Solution: Create A Customer Feedback Strategy


Create a professionally designed survey with important feedback questions


  • Are you interested discounts on our other services?
  • Is this your first time with us?
  • Would you refer us to others if they needed our products and services?


Create an incentive program for customers to leave feedback
  • Enter to win a prize when you give us feedback


Develop custom analytics to track the results and report them back to you and you staff
  • What percentage of people left gave feedback and reviews
  • What customers are interested in other services


Issue: No Review Posting Strategy


Companies that get reviews from their customers cannot post those reviews online because local directories like Yelp, Google, Bing, and dozens of other have proprietary filters and algorithms to delete reviews that are posted from the same computer IP network. Under no circumstances should anyone post reviews on behalf of a customers as it is typically against a sites Terms Of Service and possibly FTC regulations.


Solution: Develop a proprietary strategy that motivates and inspires customers to leave reviews on local directories after they give feedback


  1. Develop strategies that incentivizes customers posting reviews after leaving feedback
  2. Build a process that follows up with customers to leave reviews


Issue: No Control Over Bad Reviews Being Posted


No matter what strategy a company uses to collect reviews; your company does not have control over the fact that customers may post bad reviews. Your business is only one customer a way from getting a poor reputation online.


Solution: Create A Review Posting Filtering System


Building a private feedback page will ensure that when bad reviews are written that they will never be public. You will be notified and emailed these bad these reviews so you and your staff can address them if you would like privately and internally.


  1. Create a process that bad reviews get filtered and sent to your companies manager
  2. Create a process forward 5 Star reviews online on important local business directory sites
  3. Allow 5 star reviews to left on your feedback page to be copy and pasted to local directories


Issue: No Video Marketing Review Strategy


96% of customers polled said they find video helpful when making a decision to buy and 71% say that videos leave a positive impression on customers that visit their site. You do not presently have any video reviews to be able to promote the great customer service and experience that you give on your website, social media, or on any of your business listings.


Solution: Create professional 45-60 second video “Review Commercials” to promote you as a market leader each month.


  1. Film in Hollywood style studio with professional spokes model that promotes your reviews.
  2. Produce a “On Site” location shoot of someone reading your 5 star review in an ipad
  3. Create prime time graphics and animation with a call to action
  4. Photo of your office to drop the spokes model into your office
  5. Professionally optimize and geo tag videos to rank for your company name and reviews
  6. Syndicate videos to YouTube, Daily Motion and other social media platforms


Issue: No Web 2.0 Review Images


Customers engage in social media and engage in sites like Pinterest, Foursquare, and photo sharing sites and local businesses need to create top of mind awareness and engage customers where they are at.


Solution: Our team will design professional “Review Images” that immortalize your 5 star reviews in a graphics format for posting.


  1. 4-6 professional “Review Image” graphics each month with your branding
  2. Size photos to be used with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter


Issue: No Reputation Marketing On Your Website


Almost 3 out of 4 consumers say that online reviews are a major factor in deciding or not deciding to buy a product or service. Currently on your website, you do not have the authority or social proof to show the customers who have visited your site that you are the leader in the marketplace.


Solution: Harnessing the power of written and video testimonials and adding them directly to your website for new and existing customers to see.


  1. Branding of your company as a market leader with written and video testimonials
  2. Posting written and video 5 star reviews to you websites home page for visitors
  3. Create a “Testimonials Page” that displays dozens of 5 star reviews from around the web
  4. Collect and market the number of 5 star reviews you have from around the web
  5. Set up “Feedback Page” on your website to allow customers to leave reviews


Issue: No Reputation Marketing To Your Social Media Sites


Facebook is the #2 app used to find local businesses and social media is a vital part of every business need to engage their prospects and customers in proving that they are a market leader.


Solution: Daily post written, image and video testimonials and adding them directly to your social media to create top of mind and brand authority.


  1. Post written, image, and video reviews to your Facebook timeline
  2. Post written, image and video reviews to your LinkedIn profile
  3. Post image and video reviews to your Google+ Local profile
  4. Post written and video reviews to your Twitter profile


Issue: No Reputation Reporting Process


It’s important that you and your team keep up to date on the progress of creating and maintaining a 5-star reputation online. Therefore, you need a detailed process that will inform you of both the good and unfavorable reviews in a report that you can share with your team.


Solution: Develop and maintain a reputation reporting process


1. Create a monthly reputation reporting system that tracks reviews
2. Create a comparative report that compares success every 90 – 120 days
3. Develop Reputation Marketing analytics to track our reputation marketing efforts to all your social outlets and customers.
4. Create branding for the report so that you can use it to share with your staff and others to encourage them on the great job that they’re doing


Note: It can also be used as a learning tool to educate them on issues that arise when receiving bad reviews


Issue: No Multi-Location Reputation System (if applicable)


Each company location will have its own listing on all the major directories. If one location receives bad reviews, it can’t impact the other location’s reputation. Therefore, each location’s reputation must be monitored.


Solution: Build a multiple location-based reputation reporting process


  1. We will duplicate the process of capturing, posting, monitoring, and reporting reviews on a per-location basis. This will give you a report that reflects your entire reputation company-wide


Issue: No Reputation Marketing Staff Training (Reputation Marketing Culture)


It’s important to remember that every company is only one customer away from having a bad reputation. It isn’t enough to create and manage a 5-star reputation. It’s important to be proactive in creating a reputation marketing training process for your staff. The most successful companies create a Reputation Marketing Business Culture.


Solution: Build a reputation marketing training center for your staff


  1. We will build a customized and branded reputation marketing training solution each one of your staff. This will educate and inspire them to engage in developing and maintaining a 5 star reputation.
  2. We will create individual training videos in order to educate your staff on why your online reputation is vital to your marketing strategies. This will insure that each one of your employees will have a clear understanding of how they can contribute and ensure that your company emerges as the market leader.
  3. We will create a quizzing system where your staff can login, watch the training, and take a short quiz on what they’ve learned. This will help us make sure that each of your staff are on the same page.
  4. We will then notify you on how they performed with the training so you have an understanding of which of your staff has a clear understanding of your goals and which ones might need a little more support.


Developing a training system for you company ensures a proactive approach to creating and maintaining your 5-star reputation and will almost guarantee your seat at the table as being a market leader and most reputable company to be doing business with.




1. Directory Setup

  • Develop detailed research on local directories based on industry
  • Research top competitive companies to find directories they are listing on
  • Create and claim accounts on best industry-specific directories
  • Proper setup of your company information and categories on each directory site
  • Claiming your listings in order to control them and respond to reviews
  • Confirm a list of your citations and company details
  • Set up a process to monitor your listings on major directory sites


2. Private Feedback Page Setup & Mobile App

  • Create a private review page to capture reviews
  • Brand the review page with company colors, logos and branding
  • Create print media center with business and postcards to capture reviews
  • Develop a custom mobile app to capture reviews
  • Create survey question and incentives for customers leaving reviews
  • Set up your review page with testimonials


3. Review Process Setup

  • Create a protocol for reviewing online directories for all review posted
  • Develop a review process to send alerts on all bad reviews to you or your support team
  • Create a process to notify you or your sales team with positive reviews for follow up
  • Create professionally designed review postcards and business cards you can print and send
  • Create a marketing email to request your current list to post reviews for you


4. Video Review Commercials

  • Professional spokes model
  • Prime time graphics and animation
  • Technical sign off of company branding
  • Optimize videos for your company name
  • Post 5 Star review videos online


5. Reputation Marketing Staff Training Center

  • Create a comprehensive training center for your company that will:
  • Educate your staff on the importance of 1st Class Service
  • Create a clear understanding of the importance of a 5 Star reputation online
  • Inspire your staff to get reviews and engage your customers
  • Set up a quiz system to gauge their understanding of reputation marketing
  • Report the results to you so you have clarity on what your staff understands


Monthly Reputation Development:


1. Daily

  • Daily review of your online directory sites
  • Daily reputation review alerts to your company on new reviews


2. Weekly

  • Posting of new 5 Star reviews to your website
  • Posting 5 Star Reviews To Your Social Media


3. Monthly

  • Build and maintain a 5 Star reputation online each month
  • Create comprehensive Reputation Reporting Analysis for you and your staff
  • Focus on pushing down bad reviews and averaging up your reputation score
  • We will work with your staff to help them respond to negative reviews.
  • We believe that it is vital for a company to respond personally to all negative reviews



Setup And Monthly Reputation

Reputation Setup ………………………………………………… $3500.00 (discounted to: $1995)
Monthly Video Review Commercials ……………………$1795.00 (discounted $395 per video)
Monthly Reputation Development………………..……… $1995.00 (discounted $1295 per mo.)

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Umbrella Traffic Blitz with 10X Retargeting

Umbrella Local Partnerships is an industry leader in providing businesses of any size with powerful tools and research to effectively and efficiently target traffic audiences to help you get new customers. Our passion for online display marketing is fueled by our understanding of today’s advertising reality: cutting edge audience targeting technology has changed the landscape of local advertising.


Our goal is to get your brand, offers and reputation on the world’s most recognized networks like ESPN, Yahoo, Food Network, CNN, People, Forbes, and Rolling Stone just to name a fraction of where we serve your ads.


Creating ads that we know are proven to grab your prospect’s attention and maximize your overall advertising budget.


The objective is to drive fresh new targeted prospects to your website, increase your brand awareness and promote your companies reputation. In addition, we re-engage
with those warm prospects that have already visited your website. We continue to market to these prospects through sites, across the entire internet, until they are ready to buy.


We are working with the top 89 digital ad networks which represents 97% of the digital ad placements available online.


Targeting Strategy Overview


Umbrella Local Partnerships best practice recommendation takes a comprehensive approach to local audience targeting.


The following document outlines how we can help drive traffic to your website to help you get more customers. By driving a consistent flow of fresh new visitors to your website and re-engaging your previous visitors with re-targeting we provide you a winning traffic strategy.


Campaign Scope


Umbrella Local Partnerships proven and proprietary techniques produce responses fast. The specific actions for your campaign are based on a targeted strategy developed for your business and in consultation with your team. Moreover, because effective online advertising must adapt to the changing online landscape and competitive market forces, our tactics will likewise evolve to ensure sustainable results.


  • Weeks 1-2: Launch
  • Weeks 3-12: Tracking, Testing, and Refinement
  • Weeks 12+: Ongoing Implementation, Split Testing and Continuous Improvement


Cold Traffic


We work with you to determine an accurate profile of your ideal customer. Through our vast ad network we place ads on the sites that would be of most interest to them. We market to everyone that visits those sites that are within your specified city or region. To maximize qualified clicks we split test sets of your product offers, branding, and reputation banner ads. As we gather data, we optimize your campaigns for best time-of-day promotion and ad placement.




Retargeting is an advertising strategy to convert those researching a product or service online into buyers. Generally, 4% of visitors convert on the first visit to a website. Retargeting focuses on re-engaging the other 96%. With retargeting we target users that have visited your site and already had an experience with your brand. If they leave your site without taking the desired action, we show them ads as they surf around the Internet with the intent of getting them to come back and take the desired action (buy).


How does retargeting work?


A small piece of code is placed on your website header which anonymously tracks people in their browser. By placing a retargeting pixel on your website, a special cookie is placed on visitor’s browsers. When a website is visited that offers banners, it checks to see if that cookie is present and shows your ad if it is there.


See how it works:


Strategies For Retargeting


In addition to the general strategy of retargeting there are additional tactics that can be utilized to make a retargeting campaign even more effective.


  • Time On Site Retargeting: If the user stays for more than 10 seconds, then we use retargeting (better engagement rates).
  • Email Retargeting: If a user opens your promotional email, we pixel them and retarget them based on them being an “action taker”.
  • Abandon Retargeting: If a user adds an item to their cart, but does not purchase we can send a specific message to them with a “coupon code” to encourage them to complete their purchase.
  • Location Retargeting: Only retarget the user if they are in a specific zip code or city.
  • Topic Retargeting: Retargeting of a user if they visit a particular page or product on your website. This is particularly effective with E-commerce.
  • Engagement Retargeting: If a user takes a specific action, such as filling out a form, or purchases a product, we can retarget them with upsells, or related products.


10X Retargeting Strategy


When people come to your site only a small percentage of them are ready to buy. For the rest of them it’s more a matter of when. For those nearly ready to buy we have only 72 hours to stay in front of those people to re-engage them for a quick purchase. We use targeted ad messaging for the first 72 hours after they visit the site. For the rest we provide a series of changing ads over the next 3 months to re-engage them including offers, reputation and branding.


This 10X retargeting strategy allows us to generate response-rates 200-300% above the industry average.


Reporting & Support


Campaign analytics are an important part in evaluating the performance of an online strategy. We supply transparent reports which provide visibility into the ad placements by website, campaign impressions, clicks, and retargeting.


Audience awareness builds over time. For this reason, it is important to be aware of not only the click-through-rate but also the delivery of impressions to your target audience.


Creative Design


Our dedicated design team is committed to creating eye-catching dynamic ads that capture your unique brand and message. Not only that, but we have tried and tested banners strategies that are known to generate responses. All of our work is professionally designed and set up with the latest technologies.


Example Design Work:




To complete the work outlined in the project scope, we’ll need approximately 7-12 days from beginning to end. Upon signing the proposal we are prepared to start work immediately.




  • Proposal is Signed: Day 1
  • Research Audience Demographic: Days 1-2
  • Ad Design Meeting: Days 2-4
  • Create Designs: Day 5
  • Create Ad Banners: Days 6-9
  • Campaign Setup: Days 10-12
  • Campaign Management: Days 13-30
  • Reporting: Day 45


Retargeting Cost Summary – Setup




Offer Ad Banner Creation / $697 / 3 / $2091
Creation of 3 sets of Offer Ad Banners
Desktop & Mobile Branding Ad Banner Creation / $697 / 3 / $2091
Creation of 3 sets of Branding Ad Banners
Desktop & Mobile Reputation Ad Banner Creation / $697 / 4 / $2788
Creation of 4 sets of Reputation Ad Banners
Desktop & Mobile

TOTAL $6,970


Cost Summary – Retargeting Monthly Costs



Ad Management / $295ea / 10 / $2950/month
Management. Includes 10 Retargeting Campaigns



Impressions Included 25,000 Impressions
Up to 25,000/month
Ads are placed on targeted sites.

TOTAL $2950/month

$6,970 SETUP


$500 SETUP

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MERP (Missed Estimate Recovery Program) SETUP and MAINTENANCE

Qualification Criteria:

  1. Need to do at least 10+ estimates per week, so you only have to go back 2 months.
  2. Should have at least 2 sales people that do about 1-2 appointments per day. Or one sales person that is doing at least 2 appointments per day.


How The Program Works:


Everyday, you are giving estimates over the phone, email, text or in person. These prospects have already heard your sales presentation and for whatever reason haven’t moved forward with your company because life got in the way, or it just wasn’t the right time, or they forgot to call you back, or maybe they don’t have your contact information, they lost it. The reasons a prospect would not move forward are endless.


What we do is send a proven series of emails and text messages to re-engage them and get them back communicating with your business again. What’s really cool about this is, we either get you a yes or a no, so we basically strike out the no’s from there, and find the ones that are highly interested and continue to follow up with them. This system will help qualify and close those leads for you.


We typically will see about a 10-15% response rate and you should close 5-10% of the total sent all without any additional ad spend. I mean you spend money to get these leads,
lets do some follow-up. The real money is in the follow-up.



Setup: $500 (one-time)
Monthly: $300 (to keep it going)

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Regional Geographical Targeted Network (connects to other regional industry related networks)

These user signals are done regionally, to increase coverage proximity faster. All signals come from identified “trusted” sources combined with completely natural user activity.


  • Searches on Mobile devices (max: 3-10 mile radius)
  • Proximity Searches (Distance of searchers to location of the business)
  • Searches from multiple platforms
  • Navigational Searches (Searches for deep content)
  • Brand Searches (Searches for the Brand Name) Notice most searches now return big brands due to this factor. Unfair to the little guys! (but our system solves this)
  • Combined Keyword & Brand Searches
  • Revised Searches prior to Click Through (Revised searches adding brand)
  • Other secret signals (there are other signals that are required, but we cannot make those public)


Value: $1299/m
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